Art by Emma Bennett


  • What inspires me to sketch...

    In one word it's Architecture. I love architecture. I mainly photograph buildings, and from these I sketch. In particular I like the Art Nouveau style. Therefore there are many sketches of Barcelona and Vienna as prime examples of this. To me the ultimate example of Art Nouveau is the work of Antoni Gaudi.

    Barcelona was of course the home of Gaudi which is why I have sketched it so much. You'll notice all my Barcelona sketches are of Gaudi buildings. Whether its the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral (still being built today), or Casa Batllo (now open to the public to go inside - it's on my radar!), to Park Guell and it's famous winding seat.

    My favourite Gaudi building is La Pedrera. Built on a corner but with no right angles. The outside looking like crashing waves. Featured in many classic car adverts. The bottom levels consists of the gift shop, the middle is either apartments or offices, and the top a museum followed by the best part of all, the rooftop. It's on the rooftop the building can be seen at its best. It has a hole in the middle of the building, so you gaze down to the apartments below. The roof consists of walkways of crazy mosaic chimney pots as you enjoy the rooftop view across the city.

    I love the mosaic shapes, patterns, and detail he uses as it totally lends itself to my art style.

    I can never tire of the city, as I am soon to visit for the 5th time.

    Barcelona was one of the first places I sketched along with New York and Brighton. My collection of Barcelona art stands at 10 and can be seen in full on this website alongside my artwork of Valencia.



  • It was in the beginning...

    I have been producing art since as long as I can remember. There are countless sketch books from my childhood. From copying Disney characters to doodling spiral patterns. I come from a very artistic family. I progressed through the usual GSCE and A'Level art then onto degree level mixed in with English Literature.

    It was a few years after my art degree that I really found my art style though. I gate-crashed my sister's Art Degree trip to New York to make up the numbers. In 8 days we crammed in many art galleries and it was here I was totally inspired. I took vast quantities of photos on the trip. On my return I started to sketch New York from my photos using a simple thin line black pen, on top of a pencil outline. I outline sketched the buildings and filled them in with areas of dots and hatchings.

    My very first sketch in this style was a rather ambitious take on Times Square (my favourite part of New York). I even sketched in the people crossing the road in front of me. It's a rare thing for me to actually put people in my artwork. This was back in 2003. I was really pleased with the result. All precisely captured within an A5 space. Feedback was positive from those I showed so I continued sketching more and more images of New York. All from my photos from my holiday. Before I knew it I had finally found my art style.

    Little was I to know over 13 years later I am still sketching in the same style with a massive back catalogue documenting just about every city I have travelled to. Long may it continue!



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